Yiannis G. Goutzouris
Agiou Dimitriou 151B, Piraeus
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About This Project

A traditional Cretan wedding in Piraeus. Manos and Matina respected the customs of Crete, starting from the transportation of the groom’s dowry to the bride’s place, where they are going to live for their new life as a couple. On the ceremony day, everything was in balance and the feast had all the musical species included abundant raki!

The movie was awarded for its participation in the documentary category of the wedding film festival 2017.

The feature film is awarded for:
the simple and straightforward look, the lack of impressive elements in both narration and filming. For the appearance of the human element and the ultimate taste of an anthropocentric approach in view of the uninterrupted emotion.

Best Feature Film @WFF17

We can equate memory with imagination. The content of memory is never the same. This is because things are not recorded in the memory as such, but they are imprinted on our senses, preserving in us the reality as a succession of detached and faded Tableau Vivant, devoid of flow and pulse.

With regard to the senses, memory is hopelessly poor, so, inevitably, imagination interferes to fill its gaps.