We had the opportunity and honor to have Yanni film our wedding this summer. The outcome was simply extraordinary. He gave us the chance to relive and cherish every important moment we had that day. He is very charismatic and professional and above all makes you feel comfortable and friendly! We are eager to have him again at our son’s christening!

I am really happy assigning my son’s baptism to Yiannis. He loves his work and we loved his work too. His work comes from his heart, so it is indeed art. The video included scenes from our lives before the ceremony and shows the emotions, the smiles and the goofy expressions of our family and friends and is not focused on dresses or decoration. We watch the video as a short film of our family life and we always smile feeling also participants in a happy documentary. He also prepared one short version as a video clip that we are watching at least twice a month. We asked Yannis to incorporate several songs that are not connected at all and he managed it perfectly. I really recommend him if someone wants a video for real life. If someone has in mind being unnatural and stiff for a good result for a video that will be stocked and discovered only after a move to another house then …chm….no…I don’t recommend him.

Yiannis is much more than an excellent professional. He represents everything good that the art of cinematography has to show: depth in knowledge, a strong artistic opinion, character, and human impact. He embraces all the projects he undertakes with a great sense of professionalism, respect, consistency, and continuity. The level of quality at his works is very high. He carefully listens to the needs that a customer has and he has the ability to bind them with his vision and deliver a concrete result. Yiannis is great to work with and a valuable member of a team: easy-going and stable to his values at the same time, able to step up to every difficult situation and provide solutions. I strongly recommend Yiannis for any qualitative cinematographic works.
This is the most beautiful wedding video I have ever seen. You captured our hearts and the very special moments of our children too. We can’t thank you enough ♥️ thank you thank you! What a beautiful place! What a most perfect day and perfect memory. We will treasure this for a lifetime. We miss Santorini! I hope we can come again ? soon.

Yiannis is a pro and he delivers whatever he promises. We have worked together in a number of projects and all have been delivered at a higher level than expected. I highly recommend him for his services.

Few people can think ‘out of the box’. Even fewer can think and create ‘out of the box’. We really feel lucky we had Yiannis as cinematographer and guide to our wedding. His motion pictures gave sweet feelings about the days of our wedding. His intuitive eye was able to see behind the glamorous wedding dresses. Thanks to our great communication, he created at once a wedding invitation and a teaser for our wedding which couldn’t fit better to our beliefs and fantasy. Yiannis, I hope to always find ways to impress people and wake up feeling. Hope to always find people and places to inspire you.