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Daddy says …

Shawn Phillips did the lyrics and sang “The Ballad of Senses and Illusions” (The Martlet’s Tale)
Music: Manos Hadjidakis

Like a soft building wind along, he soars aloft, and circles and spins spend his days in freedom above the towering cloud he is about to touch no land in the fear of losing that

Now he pleases himself, and flies away again to render the tale | He flies above the girl | And the tide took the air and nothing seems to help he’s caught in the wear struggles for his life in the midst of all the greed he doesn’t need that he wishes to find something he can believe in completely | Oh, he cries to the skies and searches for a grain of the truth that survives he is winging out to sea

Shut out sunlight in his waking waves of discontent are breaking | In your life can you see an image of the bird in yourself that wants to flee is casting out the tide that is ruling all our lives despite the prize and he can’t explain to anyone around him

See, he slips on the wind and storming sea below him he glides towards the end he glides on inner peace.