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About This Project

Mero Kececioglu, the woman that established the greek flag in the depths of Africa, was born and raised in Konstantinopole, studied in Geneva and since the end of her studies, she lives in Greece. She is a ‘citizen of the world’ then, in a literary sense.

Very early, she sensed the feelings that made her father a well-known benefactor in Konstantinopole and Jerusalem.

In 1978, she visits Ivory Coast as a guest of a friend. She is shattered to observe the miserable living conditions of the locals, and she returns home eagerly determined to help in all possible ways.

Mrs. Mero Kececioglu’s action is spread out in 12 countries, such the Ivory Coast, Benin, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Togo, Liberia, Ethiopia, Guinea, Mali, Chad, Nigeria, and Rwanda, where she has equipped various hospitals and has materialized development programs.

She has founded in total 9 hospitals, an orphanage, a school, all bearing the name “HELLAS” and flying the Greek flag. She has equipped 30 health Centres and has materialized 70 development programs that created 70 cooperatives employing 3000 peasant women who managed to raise their monthly income.

It is all about work started in 1980 and based on the watchword Charity has no borders, because nobody can prosper alone.