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Ethos. Another side of Greece

About This Project

Athens’ based photographers George Tatakis and Michael Pappas, make images of customs and traditional events in Greece and the Balkans. Their images are being published internationally, including National Geographic, Leica’s magazines (LFI, M), VICE US and more. Together with two more partners, they have founded the Reflex Photographers’ cooperative and the web application, which is an online guide for such events. The exhibition at the Benaki Museum presents for the first time to the Athenian public, images that the two photographers have made over the last 7 years during their visits to traditional events in Greece and the Balkans.

Their inspiration came by images of older master photographers such as Konstantinos Manos, Nikos Economopoulos, Josef Koudelka and more, but also due to their friction and familiarity with such events and the particular culture in general.

Their love of man-centered pictures, as well as rural Greece, prompted them to create images during local traditional events and to produce a more experiential work. Their goal is to communicate their personal quests and the respective conclusions to the general public through the art of photography.