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a Wedding on the island of Virgin Mary

Project Description

… off the coast of Parga.

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Project Details

  • Parga is situated on a hillside, a promontory and a rocky hill with various types of pine trees is situated in the west and a small promontory with trees to the east. In Parga's bay, between the town beach and the harbour, there is an islet on which is a chapel.
  • The Groom and the Bride believe that, marriage is a matter of an hour and a lifetime. For their wedding day, want us with them at the Church of the Dormition of the Virgin. For a life, want us to capture their moments of happiness, joy and love.
  • From the first time I knew I had to be there, or their video wouldn't be so meaningful. Nevertheless I'm happy to say that we’ve created also a short film for them that truly speaks to their relationship, and I'm incredibly proud of it.
  • Fotis and Amalia best things happen to nice people and you are one of them. My best wishes are with you.