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From the movie screens to smart phones, broadcast to web delivery, video is now the norm on the Internet. What separates me from other video production cinematographers is that I know how to tell a story, something concise, engaging and entertaining that connects and resonates with your target audience.

Nothing captures a memory like video. Nothing has more emotive power. My films capture the sights and sounds of your times for the future or take you to times past to help you remember. I am a filmmaker, but also a son, a husband and a father. In addition to those things, I consider myself to be a storyteller.

With technology at an all time high, is it time to start thinking more about having your family event filmed? Every family event is unique. So having it on “tape” is a pretty important part of it, perhaps the only one that will remain after everything’s done. Moments you cherish, places you love, things that define you, everything should be on that tape.